Campus Offline v5.5 Service Release 13

PERSONA Campus 1000 Service Release 13 released.

The PERSONA Campus™ Offline version 5.5 software platform has been updated with Service Release 13. SR13 contains many fixes and enhancements over SR12. This is a recommended download for all PERSONA v5.5 / v5.51 users. Any customers running a version 4.1 or lower should contact PERSONA Technical Services for upgrade details.

Service Release 13 is a major release that includes many features and enhancements. A complete list is available here in the version history notes.

Please note that customers who wish to deploy the advanced interfacing features of SR13 must have an interface maintenance agreement.

Any version of 5.5 / 5.51 can be upgraded to SR 13 with this patch. SR13 can be applied to the base 5.5 / 5.51 version, to 5.5 SR1, SR2, ... , and through SR12. As with all PERSONA service releases, there is no need to upgrade to any other 5.5 service release before applying SR13.

Please contact PERSONA Technical Services if you have any questions regarding the fixes and features available in SR13.