Campus Online 3.3.0 Enters Beta

Solid platform expanded to support stand-alone proximity/magstripe/keypad locksets

PERSONA is now providing stand-alone locksets based on the PoE & Wireless platform that include keypad, magstripe reader, and prox.

The PERSONA Campus Online software platform has been extended to support the new SARGENT Passport 1000 Px PROX locksets. The locksets offer three means of authentication. Users may hold a prox card, a magstripe card, a PIN code, or a combination of either card technology and PIN. The lock is available as a battery operated (or hard powered) wireless 802.11g and with Power over Ethernet connectivity.

Customers who manage the PERSONA magstripe and magstripe + keypad locksets today can upgrade them with a simple change of the front escutcheon and controller board. All other SARGENT hardware remains compatible with the new lockset.

This product is available for immediate demonstration and pilot installation.