Campus Online 3.3.0 Patch 330b

PERSONA Campus Online (PCO) version 3.3.0 Patch 330b Released

The PERSONA Campus™ Online version 3.3.0 software platform has been updated with Patch 330b. Version 330b patches an issue with partitioning that was discovered after the initial release. 330a also increases the maximum number if items available in certian list boxes to be greater than 250. A new VertX driver is  also delivered to increase stability. Finally, 3.3.0b fixes an issue in the 3.3.0a patch installer that in some cases would prevent some files from being overwritten.

You must have version 3.3.0 installed to apply the 330b patch. The installer will warn you if you are not in compliance.You do not need to install the 3.3.0a patch first. This patch includes all features and fixes that were included in 3.3.0a.

This patch is only required on the application server. You will not need to install this onto a client machine.

Please contact PERSONA Technical Services if you have any questions regarding the fixes and features available in patch 330b.